Welcome to the CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) section of our web site. Here you will find information on how to order vegetables from our farm to be delivered to you on a weekly basis throughout the year.

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A Little History

Community Supported Agriculture is a marketing strategy for small farmers that has been around in various forms for nearly 20 years. During the past ten years it has become more popular because of consumer demand for fresh, local produce and the farmer's need to reach a wider audience for their produce.

The types of CSA reflects the diversity of the farming community and the demands of each locality. Some farms set up a system that requires customer participation on the farm, trading some labor for the food the farm produces. This was one of the original models, but it limited the number of people who could actually participate. Other systems allow you to sign up on an annual basis for a guaranteed delivery of vegetables of the farmer's choosing. You get whatever is in season and hopefully you'll enjoy the arugula as well as the apples. The model we have chosen allows customers to order whatever they want that's in season by simply putting down a deposit for the produce. Basically we offer a virtual farmer's market where you can do your weekly shopping.

How Our Subscription Service Works

To sign up for weekly deliveries of vegetables simply mail us a check for a minimum of $50. We will add you to our customer list and email you a CSAPriceList.pdf weekly availability list that you can shop from. From this list you can choose items and quantities (e.g. 3 lbs carrots) of produce available for delivery that week. Email your order to tony@greenheronfarm.net. We take it from there and you wait for your order to be delivered to one of the pre-arranged drop off sites.

When you pick up your order we will include an invoice for the total of that order and indicate the balance of your deposit. Keep track of your balance so you can continue to receive uninterrupted deliveries.


The availability list will be sent out every Saturday morning. You have all weekend to decide what you want to eat for the next week, check your refrigerator and consult with your closest pet as to which scraps they'd like after you have finished eating. By Tuesday afternoon at 5:00 PM ask your pet to email us with your order (because obviously you'll be at work then and someone has to do the shopping.) If you miss the deadline and were really counting on having some Fuji apples or rutabagas with the meal you were planning for your mother-in-law give me a call and I will talk to my pet (Bart) who is very liberal about giving special dispensation on missing deadlines.

So now that we all know who is really in charge and what the deadlines for ordering are this should be a cinch, right? (I bet you have more questions. Your pet would know exactly what I'm talking about.)

Drop Off Sites (Pick up deliveries between 10:30 and 2:00 every Wednesday)

We currently have four drop off sites in Huntingdon and two in State College.  We also have different winter and summer delivery schedules.


  • Boxers
  • 2515 Holland Ave. (near the high school)
  • Founders Hall - Juniata College
  • Huntingdon Farmers Market, Portstown Park (June through October only)

           State College

  • Cafe lemont
  • Webster's Cafe

Winter Delivery Schedule (November – May):  Wednesday between 10:30 and 2:00.
Summer Pick up (June - October): All orders must be picked up at the Huntingdon Farmers' Market on Thursday between 12:00 and 5:00.

The host sites have graciously accepted to house your produce for a brief time during the day, but they are not responsible for your produce or making sure you pick it up.  Please be considerate and pick up your produce during the appointed hours.

Boxes, Bags and Egg Cartons

We use standard wholesale vegetable boxes of various types to pack your produce.  We also pack individual items in plastic grocery bags, zip lock bags, or standard produce bags.  Certain produce is often consolidated into a single bag to save packing material (e.g. root crops).

We take back all these packing materials to reduce waste.  Remember to bring your box from the previous week when you pick up your produce.  Also make sure plastic bags are clean for re-use.  We can always use extra shopping bags so you can always add these to your return box.