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Updated June 18, 2016
HIgh summer is upon us. The squash is proliferating, the tomatoes are ripening and the deer follow steadily behind in the farmer’s footsteps, nonchalantly destroying everything within reach of their nasty little teeth. They know perfectly well that they have the law on their side, not to mention the blind support of the herd of humanity that is hopelessly enthralled by facebook cuteness. It’s enough to make a farmer turn on the TV to watch footage of the political campaign raging on the air waves, just to keep his mind off the true devastation taking place just outside his window.

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Young Mixed Chard $2.50 1/2 lb bag
Red Russian Kale $2.50 / bunch
Green Leaf Lettuce $2.00 each
Red Leaf Lettuce $2.00 each
Asparagus $3.00 / 1/2 lb
Popcorn $3.50 / 1 lb New Crop! Pops great.
Cucumbers $1.00 each
Spring Garlic $1.50 / bunch
Red Hothouse Tomatoes. $4.50 / lb tentative
White Mushrooms $1.75 / pt
Crimini (Baby Bella) Mushrooms $2.25 / pt
Portabella Mushrooms $5.25 / lb
Shiitake Mushrooms $3.00 / 1/2 pint
Chives $1.50 / bunch
Garlic Chives $1.50 / bunch
Cilantro $1.50 / bunch
Dill $1.50 / bunch
Thyme $1.50 / bunch
Rosemary $1.50 / bunch
Oregano $1.50 / bunch
French Sorrel $1.50 / bunch
Free Range Brown Eggs $4.00 / doz