Yes, there really are green herons and they live in central Pennsylvania at the confluence of the Little Aughwick and Sidling Hill Creeks, where the Aughwick eventually joins the Juniata and takes a leisurely stroll down to the Susquahana and eventually into the Chesapeake Bay. This is where all that water begins and where we do our farming.


Green Heron Farm is located in South Central Pennsylvania, between the Tuscarora and Allegheny mountain ranges. Since 1984 we have been growing and selling organic produce, both locally in Huntingdon County and in the Washington DC area.  We grow approximately 5 acres of vegetables, flowers, herbs and berries on our tiny 11 acre farm. We grow a wide variety of vegetables, and specialize in greens, herbs, garlic, berries and flowers.

We are members of Tuscarora Organic Growers Cooperative and much of our produce goes to Washington/Baltimore area restaurants and retail stores. You can also get our produce at the Huntingdon Farmer's Market or set up a wholesale account to order directly from our weekly selection.

You can also call us at 814-448-2423; or send e-mail to